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P60s to Arrive with March Payroll

For all active employees on your payroll at the end of March, we will be sending their P60s with your March Payroll documents. Please be on the lookout for these and give them to your employees promptly.

It is important that you give the P60 to your employee in a timely manner as they may need this document for their personal tax affairs or for proof of income.

We will keep a copy of the P60s on file, however we do charge an extra fee if we have to issue a duplicate copy by post.

P60s will always be available for you (the employer) to access for free in the online portal, so please contact us if you do not yet have your login information.

If you do not receive the P60s with your March Payroll, please inform us immediately as any requests for P60s after April 2023 will be liable to an additional fee.

You can check out HMRC’s information on P60’s here.

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Feb 24, 2023 10:00:19 AM