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Nest Annual Statements

Are your employees enrolled into a NEST pension scheme?  If so, are they checking their information on the NEST portal and keeping it up to date?

Your employees might be making regular contributions through the payroll, or perhaps only make sporadic contributions in months when they earn over the threshold, but if they have an active pension, scheme, they should be checking their annual pension statement and maintaining their personal information with NEST.

All employees that have been enrolled into the pension scheme with NEST should receive an introductory pack from NEST, with information on how to log in to their pension.

If your employees don’t have this information, or if they are unsure if they are currently enrolled into a pension scheme, they should contact NEST via NEST’s website and follow the instructions on the Member Help centre pages.

Nest have lots of useful information on their website – below are a few additional links that you may find helpful.

Employers – Engaging with your employees:

Information for Employees:

Unfortunately, employers or payroll agent, are not able to contact NEST on behalf of employees and request their login information.

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Feb 1, 2022 10:55:39 AM