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This Week We Are Celebrating National Payroll Week 2022

National Payroll Week was established in the UK by the CIPP in 1998 to celebrate the payroll profession and to give it the recognition it deserves. It was designed to demonstrate the impact the payroll industry has in the UK through the collection of income tax, national insurance, especially when you consider the £345 billion paid to the government through income tax and national insurance contributions.

The payroll industry worked throughout COVID to keep the UK paid and continues to adjust to the changing demands to make sure that employees are paid accurately and on time.

Payroll is an integral part of every business.

This week the David Howard team will be celebrating our successes in providing payroll bureau services to over 6500 employees per month from over 2500 employers.

We have successfully integrated 300 new employers into our service since April 2022 and our team continues to grow and develop new and innovative ways to provide excellent services to all our clients.

That certainly seems like something to celebrate.

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Sep 7, 2022 3:25:45 PM