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Keep on Top of Your PA’s Holiday


It is the time of year when it would be advisable to check that your PA’s have not overtaken or undertaken their holiday for the holiday year April 2021 to March 2022.

If they have overtaken or undertaken holiday, then you will need to discuss with your employees or your Funding Body what the best course of action is going forward. For example, your employee may have to have overtaken holiday deducted from their wages or  figure out a time use their remaining holiday before the end of March.


If your PA works irregular hours i.e., you submit a timesheet every month then their Holiday Pay accrual will be shown on the bottom of their payslip, under HP Accrual to Date. If the figure is a negative then this will show the amount in pay that they have overtaken their holiday by, if the figure is not negative then this will show the amount in money they have left to take for the year up to the end of March 2022.

You will need to take the HP Accrual to Date figure and divide it by the employee’s rate of pay to figure out how many hours of holiday are left/overtaken.  

HP Accrual to Date / Rate of Pay = Hours of Holiday left/overtaken

If your employee has an HP Accrual to Date figure of -£60.00 and they are paid £10 per hour, then this means they have overtaken their holiday by 6 hours.

If the figure is £100.00 and your employee is paid £10 per hour, then this means they have 10 hours of holiday left to take before the end of the holiday year.


If your PA works regular hours i.e., you do not submit hours every month, then your PA is due 5.6 weeks holiday per year and you can calculate this by:

For example, if your employee works 10 hours per week the calculation would be:

10hrs X 5.6 weeks = 56 holiday hours per year


Please remember that it is the responsibility of the employer to manage their employees’ holiday time and to ensure that it is being taken appropriately.

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Jan 10, 2022 3:53:04 PM