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Local Authorities

We offer a range of services to suit the needs of our clients, but we also provide excellent support to the funding bodies, local authorities and support groups.

We focus on providing a first class payroll and payment service (managed accounts) but we do not forget about what you need as a local authority.

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Our systems and processes are built around the needs of our clients ensuring it is an inclusive service for all
Dedicated team
We have a dedicated team of payroll and payments experts available to assist clients and funding bodies
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We work alongside support groups and funding bodies to make sure our clients receive a seamless service.

What we offer

  • Access to your clients’ payroll data online (subject to relevant authorisation) where all payslips and payroll data is stored for each of your clients.
  • View only access to our secure managed account payment systems that provides up to date balances of all managed accounts, with a full breakdown of spending. Each client’s funds are held in an individual account, keeping funds secure and allowing for a clear audit trail.
  • Training and support for your staff on our systems.
  • Regular progress meetings.
  • Bespoke reports can be set up on agreement (for example, client numbers, client contributions check, care plan spend report, insurance confirmation, etc.)
  • Ongoing support, to work together to make sure all clients remain compliant with the ever changing demands on payroll, data security and pensions.
  • Clear, simple pricing structure.
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Why clients choose Dhpayroll

In our annual survey completed in April 2023, 85% of our clients 'Agreed' or 'Strongly Agreed' with the statement: “In the last year I have felt supported as an employer by dhpayroll”.
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